Anyone Interested In RED Clitoria Blooms/Seeds??

last year

Anyone into these plants/blooms like me? Does anyone even know of the RED clitoria now? I JUST got my first order of RED seeds from Sri-Lanka. I also ordered the only other 2 packages of these seeds, available in the US, on Christmas Day, from the only seller selling them.

He only had 2. I was shocked at that, so I jumped. They are still that rare and hard to get...in Sri-Lanka. They are a new variety there. After several seasons of test growing/blooming, they are finally for sale there, and he is selling a few online. And I got them all...so far:)

Just want to know if anyone would be interested in these RED clitoria plants/blooms, and would like some seeds? Once I have RED blooms in MY garden.

I am planting my seeds in the morning, so it will take about 5-7 weeks to get blooms, once I KNOW they are the real thing, I will post pictures of them here, and then sell/trade seeds. But if no one is interested, I will go to EBay and just sell all of them all for $$.

Figured I would go to fellow gardeners before just people on Ebay. Since they are a NEW and RARE variety, I think people on here would be interested. I hope. I am taking the chance on these being real. Once I get my first RED blooms, I am going to sell and trade seeds. IF anyone is interested.

So let me know if anyone is interested in getting seeds.

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