Help please! Steep wooded, weedy slope next to house. Pics included!

2 months ago

We are located in Birmingham, AL and our house is ~25 years old. We have a super steep, northern facing slope right behind our house. Our lot is very wooded. Unfortunately, we took down two very tall trees right behind our house a few years ago because the canopy was almost hitting the house and obstructed our view. It was a mistake because now we get lots of sunlight in the valley and the weeds and brush are unmanageable. I've just spent three days clearing weeds and brush by hand and need to know what to do next to keep this area for being a constant eyesore.

The width of the area behind the fence is ~80' wide. The first pitch of slope behind the fence to the young sweet gum trees is ~13'. We are allowing the sweet gums to grow back to help manage the undergrowth. Do we plant something along the first pitch for weed and erosion control? If so, would Asian Jasmine, Creeping Phlox or Juniper be best. My husband and I both hate juniper but know it can be effective. Should we do selective herbicide treatment to control the regrowth of weeds and brush? Cover in pine straw? Use an erosion blanket? Whatever we plant needs to be deer and drought resistant; low/no maintenance; not thorny; not ugly. This slope is a complete nightmare. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

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