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It can be fun to breed your own zinnias - Part 56

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this ongoing series of message threads about the zinnia hobby. The previous part of this continuing series, It can be fun to breed your own zinnias - Part 55 has exceeded 100 messages, which could make that thread slow to load, even though photos now appear in the Houzz messages as only inline large thumbnails (that can be clicked on to see larger versions), so we are continuing the series here for yet another fresh start. The same guidelines apply here. Anything remotely related to zinnias is fine. (Or plant breeding in general, or feral cats or precocious cats or locusts or pet snails or chupacabras or book comments or whatever.)

I am continuing my zinnia hobby here in east central Kansas, and I am actually continuing my indoors zinnia activities right along with my outdoor zinnia growing. That is a new thing for me. Previously I would switch from an indoors project to an outdoors project. There are days, like yesterday, which rained and stormed pretty much all day, and on those days it is very convenient to have some zinnia things going on indoors. My indoors zinnia activities continue to be in our basement utility room (along with the furnace, the hot water heater and indoor components of the water system and the central air conditioning system). I am kind of surprised that I didn't think of this years ago. Oh well, better late than never. Rain remains a possibility today. This is a photo of some of my recent indoor zinnias. I do have outdoor zinnias in bloom and I will take some pictures of them when weather permits.

I still have some things to learn about indoor zinnia nutrition. This next photo shows an edge-rolling effect that is most likely a nutritional problem.

At the present time I don't know if that is a shortage of some nutrient, or too much of some nutrient. I don't see that problem in my outdoor zinnias. I will figure it out eventually. Your comments, observations, and optional photos continue to be most welcome. More later.


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