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Carol Sybrowsky

If you have upper cabinets, avoid anything narrower than 15 inches. Also get adjustible shelves. This will allow you to get eactly the height you need to fit whatever you need to fit in them. If your mugs and/or glasses are a variety of heights, decide what height it the most useful for you. Sell or donate the ones that don't match the others. Long term, buying glassware that "fits" is a time and money-saving strategy.

We have a modestly-sized kitchen (about 14 x 11). We also have a 36" gas range partially because the only wall where the range could go was the 14 foot wall. A 30" range looked too small. However, in reality, I could have just had a cook top because I rarely use the range. Doing it again, I would have invested in a Microwave-convenction- roasting oven and just had a cook top.

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Sinead Nolan

Great read. Optimising space in small kitchens can be challenging, thanks for the tips!

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RBL Designs, Inc.

Check out these solid poplar stained finished custom kitchen shelves that can hold 100+ lbs each!


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