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Be very aware when looking at an empty house!! It is harder to see traffic/flow issues. As soon as our furniture went in we realized we had a traffic problem going in/out of the kitchen that wasn't obvious without a fridge taking up the corner.
3 years later we have spent the summer doing a complete main floor renovation. Now the house flows beautifully and I have a new kitchen! (Which we knew was needed upon purchase).
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Don't forget to consider how well it will work for your pet. Both inside and out.

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This is a good article but I want to warn people about a more important thing to look for in a home: meth contamination. My husband and I purchased a remodeled home in a nice neighborhood in Minnesota in 2016 only to find out 2 weeks after moving in that it was contaminated by meth. We found out from the neighbors and confirmed it with testing. It was a complete living nightmare for us and something I don't want to happen to another family. Meth can be easily tested for and should be whether you rent or buy. Meth contamination can be very dangerous especially to children. We thought we were being thorough in our home inspection - even testing for radon but no one told us about meth contamination. We came to find out it has happened to a lot of other families- google it. Please sign my petition on to have meth warning disclosures when people buy homes like there are for asbestos and lead.


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