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P Lo
So many designers proclaim subway tiles "classic" - but they only enjoyed a resurgence in the past 5 years and are now on the way out. Wouldn't 4x4 be more reliably timeless as they were used from the 1960s until recently?
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P Lo
@lisachurch - I think you mean quartz (quartzite is natural stone, quartz is mixed with a resin). There is a marble called calacutta and several quartz products that look like it. :)
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Kitchen Magic

The most IMPORTANT detail in Traditional Styled Kitchens, Crown Molding!

Our 2 favorites are Dentil and Rope Molding

The sophisticated design of Dentil crown molding graces the room with a row of notched blocks, adds depth, creates dimension and adds a dominant aesthetic appeal. The Dentil style was originated in the 18th century in Beaux-Arts in Paris. An academic organization created to promote the discipline of world-renowned engravers.

Dentil’s traditional, European styling has a somewhat sophisticated feel, typically seen adorning bookcases & wall units and ideal for cabinetry. Used in high end, traditional styled kitchens to create an aristocratic flavor, sure to impress.

Discovered in European architecture, the rope style molding instantly gives a kitchen a traditional flair with cultural detailing. A far departure from the contemporary style, rope moldings are best used if your goal is to instill the look of the old-country.

For kitchens, commonly used in large, 8” size, atop cabinets, joining wall to ceiling for an elegant affect.

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