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I rearranged my whole small flat to better suit my way of living. Swapped the kitchen and living areas to make better use of the access to the garden. Couple of walls were removed to make it feel more open.

I also stole the space from the wardrobe in the spare bedroom into the bathroom to make it more workable. That spare room has become my work room, with a full wall of open storage providing much more useful storage than the wardrobe with a single door that was previously there. Room for all my STUFF - craft stuff, art stuff, gifty stuff, office stuff, music stuff etc.

Another storage solution was to add gas hot water, eliminating the bulky hot water cylinder from inside the house. The cupboard that housed that is now a useful multi-purpose storage space for linen, vacc and mops etc, suitcases, and other random objects such as hammocks, out of season clothing, spare toilet paper, the iron, drying rack etc!! How would I ever have managed without that cupboard!

A wall of shelving in my snug lounging area provides storage for books, the tv and a few display items - that's it! All accounted for! This was a real exercise of fitting myself and all the things I value into a small space, without making it feel over-stuffed and claustrophobic. Achieved in spades. A lovely place to live.

Now for the garden.......

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This just confirms what I always say - never renovate a house before you have lived in it for a year to get the feel of how you want to live, which governs what you need, not to mention light and aspect that can affect how you use a room. As for resale - it is YOUR home, live in it as you want to live. Everyone has their own ideas and needs and it is impossible to guestimate just what the next buyer might think, want or need. Maybe your ideas of what suits you will be a bonus to the next buyer, it maybe something they have never considered and love the house for that feature alone.

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Anatoly Patrick Architecture

Great points. Homes are about quality of life as well as appearance. It's so important to consider livability, comfort, convenience, future family configuration, pets, working from home etc. Good design, as well as looking terrific, should make life easier. Renovation is a golden chance to make ordinary life more streamlined and easy. The reality - probably 90% of the time we're doing 'ordinary' so it matters.


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