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Grow up! Aeroponic tower garden, grow organic, non-gmo produce. No dirt, no weeds, use only 10% of the water than traditional gardens. Grow 20 plants or more.
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Are there certain plants that shouldn't be grown in pots? Like tomatoes, or peppers? Can peppermint and spearmint plants be potted together without one dominating the other? I've had about 3/4 of my window box of mixed mints destroyed due to aphids. My best treatment was clipping all the over-infested stems (most of the newer toppers), power wash and rubbing the leaves on each individual stem (stronger sprayer setting) for the most stubborn aphids. Almost wanted to kill the whole box and start all over. I don't use pesticides, just homemade onion and pepper spray which didn't work.
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I am growing tomatoes and peppers in pots! I think you can grow anything so long as the pots are deep enough and have good drainage :)


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