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Wow, who knew kitchen cabinetry could be so polarizing?! I never read viewer comments and only rarely read the articles here. Now I know why. The criticism is a bit intense. But I love looking at the pretty pictures for inspiration. Lyndsye has created a lovely space that she and her family enjoys. And she was kind enough to share her experience with us. Take the bits you like and leave the rest behind. It's just a kitchen, after all. And if our biggest problem in life is arguing over someone else's kitchen, well then, we are all truly lucky.

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I love the look of open shelving, but living in Los Angeles -- earthquake country, it is not a viable option, so I put glass cutouts in my upper kitchen cabinets with halogen lights to make them glow. Plus, I hate dusting and open cabinetry attracts dust-- STILL LOVE THE LOOK, THOUGH!!!

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Tl Howard

Love the look, but here in CA, the open shelves have to be a "no no."


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