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Birmingham, AL HVAC Contractors
June 15, 2016
Airloc has been outstanding to work with. They arrived on time and went straight to work. Being new to Birmingham I am glad I found someone a quality company like Airloc first.
Bojiffy Heating & Air Conditioning
Birmingham, AL HVAC Contractors
March 30, 2015
Bo and his son came to repair our heater and did a WONDERFUL job. They came on a Saturday and spent most of the day at our house. I felt very much at ease having them in my home, as they were both professional and friendly. They also went above and beyond...even getting under our house in the crawl space to check the ductwork after they had our heating unit working again! Their work was thorough and they used their time efficiently. If I have any A/C and heating needs again, I will definitely give them a call.
Standard Heating & Air Conditioning
Birmingham, AL HVAC Contractors
July 23, 2014
Professional company, they do a great job servicing and installing air conditioning/heating equipment They show up when they are supposed to and the employees are respectful and explain everything in detail I would recommend them when looking for a HVAC contractor
Just Chillin Air Conditioning Service-Repair
Birmingham, AL HVAC Contractors
September 4, 2015
This is a one person company. The owner (john) is a retired HVAC person. He (john) says that he is retired from HVAC after 25 years in the business, but he does the work on the side because there is "only so much tv you can watch every day" and he hates to see people get something sold to them they don't really need. I had called a few different heating and cooling companies to have my ac repaired, and they all wanted to replace my system at a cost of over $3000 dollars. I had seen an add from the company Just Chillin AC repair and what caught my eye was "My expertise is in repair not replace" I gave them a call and John came out, spent about an hour evaluating my problem, and told me I do not need a new system my unit can be repaired. John- Just Chillin ac repair, replaced a contactor,capacitor, cleaned the coils inside and outside and my system works like new. Although it's hard to predict how long a system will last, he did say it should last at least another 3 to 5 years before I would need it replaced, because if I had a leak, the freon that my system uses will no longer be available. John /Just Chillin Ac service, I believe is honest and his add is on the mark when he say's "repair not replace". I do hate to say that he does look like he should take it a little easier at his age , but the man keeps on going, and knows his stuff. He saved me a fortune. I think this guy is one of the best HVAC guys around.
Freedom Heating & Cooling
Birmingham, AL HVAC Contractors
March 15, 2016
Replaced airconditioner compressor. Very honest and open about cost, warranty, and expectations. Installed the unit quickly and efficiently, with very little downtime. Working very well. I am pleased with my purchase. A pleasure to do business with them. I would recommend them to anyone.
Aire Serv Over The Mountain
Birmingham, AL HVAC Contractors
October 30, 2014
Another company told me I needed to replace both my upstairs and downstairs HVAC units. Aire Serv came for a second opinion and found the downstairs unit needed a circuit board replacement and the upstairs unit had a faulty wire on the thermostat. Less than $700 instead of almost $9,000 to have two working units. The technician was fast, thorough and professional. Highly recommended.
Engle Services Heating & Air
Birmingham, AL HVAC Contractors
February 28, 2018
Great professional company. They have a great staff and work hard to provide prompt reliable service. I would highly recommend them to anyone
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