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Sasha - you go girl - nicely done - the key to using pre-mades is to design the space to the cabinets and use a couple over many times. Sure cuts down on the ordering time. The mistake is to design and then find the cabinets to fit the custom design. The decision to use pre-mades should be made very early on in the project in my experience. In this case you put the cart before the horse and the horse (cabinet layout) pushes the overall design.

Would you consider adding some photos with "people elements"? A vase of red or black roses? Some cooking favorites at the back of the counter.

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Monica Difranco......did you meant 18” deep uppers? Or do you mean 18” wide?

lovely kitchen you have. If it is 18” deep then the uppers would only be 4” set back from the lower drawers that you have. Seems to be a greater difference from your photo...

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Monica DiFranco

nsc6 -- Thank you very much. The three uppers are 18 inches deep and 30 inches wide each. The lower drawers are 24" deep and the quartz countertop sticks out another inch. So the uppers are set back seven inches from the front of the counter. I use that area for showcasing souvenirs from our travels and for holding pretty glass containers, a cookie jar, a fruit bowl and a knife block. I don't use it for food prep because I have an island as well as counter space on either side of both the sink and the cooktop. So I don't have to worry about bumping my head while chopping or anything. It was one of the best decisions I made. I can fit so many dishes, bowls, platters, etc., in those cabinets that wouldn't fit in the ones they sell as 12" deep (which are actually only about 10-1/2" of usable space).

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