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Best place to get bathroom vanity?/What bathroom vanity works for me?

10 years ago
last modified: 10 years ago
Hola! First-time home owner here. I'm doing a semi-renovation of a 700ish sf apartment I purchased in Brooklyn. I purchased this bathroom vanity from Home Depot not once but twice. It arrived with a shattered top both times. I've written off HD and turn to you, Houzzers, for advice.

What do you consider the best places to buy a bathroom vanity? (bonus points for online purchases)

Better still...Given the below details, is there a vanity out there that you can think of that would be perfect for me?

A. I think my style in bathrooms is relatively clean and classic. Please see my ideabook because I'm afraid I'm not characterizing it correctly.

B. My budget is no more than $900 for cabinet, vanity top and sink combined.

C. I have a standard NYC-sized bathroom (i.e. tiny) - I can fit about a 24-inch vanity comfortably and that's about it. I need a vanity with some storage capability. (Drawers included would be a welcome luxury.)

D. White is a strong preference but it's not a deal breaker. Rectangular sink is a very strong preference.

E. This is the tile for my floor.

F. This is what the shower looks like. Everything is staying for now (obviously will be cleaned until it all shines). The camera gives the tiling a lilac cast but it is a cool blue-gray color. I will be painting the exposed wall San Antonio Gray by Benjamin Moore. The shower faucets will also stay (new showerhead that looks like basically what's there now except a larger version of it - speakman brand)

G. I purchased this faucet for the sink and quite like it but I'm wiling to return it if the ultimate vanity I get doesn't fit a 4 inch spread.$50%20-%20$100

H. I'm going to get a plain 27.5 by 27.5 mirror (the STAVE in white by ikea). To go over the vanity.

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