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Sebastian Rhodes

Great thoughts on what is and isn't clutter regardless of space that something may take up! I know that decluttering is difficult, but
sometimes you do end up having to get rid of things to reach your optimal level of space. A method that seems to
work for me though is putting things into storage for a while (using Closetbox,
which was super convenient and took barely any time), and if I found that it
wasn't an issue not having things around I could get rid of them.

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1. If something comes in to the house, something has to go out.

2. Things do have sentimental value and for someone like me who's losing my memory and association, things provide that connection to my past.

3. I'm clearing out boxes of photos and music/talk tapes and making digital copies to minimize stuff. They are shared with the family so everyone has a record.

4. This article has a lot of good points but the photos don't reflect what is real for many of us. I'm sure if I had rooms that size, my place would look very uncluttered. I follow the tiny house movement but I've told them that I can't part with a piano or my sewing station or my library of books that I love to read, and yes I use my library frequently. Their answer was to buy 2 tiny houses.

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Dirk Van Akelyen
Hi Laura, thanks for sharing this. As a professional decluttering specialist in factories I can share with you that there exists a methodology called 5S to declutter your space. First Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain. The sort aspect is not only about what we want to keep BUT about what we will take care about. In factories where many people are using the same space 24h 7d it is essential to have a strong decluttering mind. When I share this with executives they all say: of course, it is needed. I reply : okay, go home and do it with your partner in the kitchen during the weekend and I hope you are still married the week after because it has a lot to do with our emotions and being keepers as we all are to some extend..
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