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Suzanne Melton
I agree with johsmi. No "open concept" for us. As a matter of fact, one year ago, this house had a combined (living room and family room?) and the family room was completely open to the dining room. The living room had a "wall" but it included five windows into the kitchen.

After framing, we now have six-foot openings from the living room to what will be the library and the library to the dining room. We have four-foot openings from the kitchen to the dining room and from the living room to the kitchen,.

A bonus of having walls and openings is that we get to do silly stuff. The kitchen and dining room will have a '30s-style jadeite and hen house motif.
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maammu49, madeleinejs, kitter: I so agree with all your comments.

Pippabean, I just love your dining room. Wow those windows. What a view you must have. No wonder you use it for every meal.
I don't see any light fixture above your table, how does that work for late meals?
Is that an Ikea Godmorgon bathroom vanity masquerading as your sideboard? I think I recognize those slatted wooden interior drawers. If so, how did you get it to be 3 drawers wide?
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To modellie: Thank you for your kind remarks.

Re: lighting: We do have lights above the table. We wanted the light fixture to be barely visible. We did not want some bulky chandelier blocking the view. You can see the small halogen lights in the attached picture.

Re: sideboard: You are very observant. The sideboard consists of one and a half Godmorgon vanities attached to each other (The left-over half will replace the ugly vanity in our powder room). These drawers are extremely sturdy and can hold heavy dishes etc without problems. It also helped that this particular size vanity has been discontinued by Ikea and we acquired these two for a song in the As-is section.

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