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123 Remodeling Inc.
Glenview, IL General Contracting Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsSeptember 11, 2013
“If you are looking for great customer service (exceeding expectations in my experience), and high quality work being done on your place within or before a projected deadline, 123 remodeling is the company to go with and here are a few examples of why. After moving forward with 123, a project manager Ariel picked me up and helped me shop for both of my bathroom remodels, providing helpful advice based on his experience but still totally respecting my personal style. We found everything I needed within a couple hours and he was also able to get my an amazing discount on everything purchased. He then picked me up a second time to help me find tiles for my bathroom backsplash which was still unfinished from my previous nightmare remodeling experience even though 123 wasn't even contracted to work on my kitchen so this was extremely nice of him and definitely not in the contract. Aside from the project management, the actual worker bee was amazing. He showed up every single day out of about 30 work days except one 1 (because of car trouble) and worked straight from 8 to 4 (the hours my building allows you to work) barely breaking for lunch. When he did break though, he hung out with our Dog and was always very nice and loving to him which we appreciated :). His work was impeccable. There were a few things we added on at the end or asked to be changed that 123 did without adding any costs or giving us any grief. Yes, the project cost was expensive BUT I got quotes from 2 other companies that came in right at the same price or higher so 123 is definitely comparable to any other remodeling company that provides professional, high quality service and work. If your priority is having a positive, stress free remodeling experience, where you need some advice and help picking out material, go with 123. You will not regret it. I spent 9 months in a horrible kitchen remodeling nightmare because I tried to go with someone who could not be held accountable for failing to deliver on what we had discussed and I ended up spending twice as much in the end and having to wait 9 months for my kitchen to be finished. If I could go back, I would hire 123 again without a second thought. Could not recommend them more. Enjoy!”
Barts Remodeling & Construction, Inc.
Glenview, IL General Contracting Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsDecember 5, 2016
“We were looking for the right team to finish our basement in our newly constructed home that was going to deliver professionalism with quality workmanship, good communication, and trust all within our budget. Bart was available for an in-home estimate shortly after the first contact and was knowledgeable about working with the basement. The project was estimated to be a couple of months and was gladly surprised how things were moving on track. When I went into the project, I had two main concerns. The first concern was that I was not available to check up on his crew/contractors because of work. The crew from Bart’s company is trustworthy and professional. For two months, contractors came and went, worked without owner supervision, and without any issues. I had checked up on the crew couple of times and usually before I leave for work. They were kind and it is good to communicate often so that what is designed on paper gets built properly. Bart also stopped by often to check up on progress. The second concern was that since I was living in my home, I was concerned about construction dust, what would be tracked into the house, and any dents/dings that could happen when moving in lumber/drywall. The crew took care into limiting dust and always took out construction garbage daily. There was a yard dumpster that was parked on the driveway which was used to collect the garbage. With kids in the house, one of my worries was construction dust and construction traffic thru the house. Controlling construction dust and traffic takes effort from both contractor and owner. I had to replace furnace filter often since the furnace sucks up lots of dust. Also at the end of the workweek, I did general clean up so that it is manageable for my family. They used the window well to move in as much materials as they physically could. The dry wall had to be brought thru the house. I had taped up corners on the path from outside to basement with fiberboard, which help limit the dings and dents. It is not going to be a perfect situation when you go thru a basement remodeling in a home you are also living in but Bart’s team helped make it manageable. This was a successful project and to make it successful, it is all in the details. Bart was very good and working thru the details. He was very patient in answering all my questions. I would recommend to anyone working with Bart to ask questions. He is patient and don’t get offended by questions. Get it down on paper so that there are no surprises. I took the time to review and discuss the quote with Bart. Need to ask questions and understand what is included in the standard allowance. You should understand how the garbage will be taken out, does your property have room for an external dumpster, use of restroom (your home or temporary), access into home, work schedule, and timing around visiting suppliers to finalize tiles, carpet or Coretec flooring, hardware, vanity, etc. Bart recommends a set of suppliers to contact but his company is flexible and they will work with other suppliers that you may have used in the past and very willing to get what you want. Overall, the space came out better than we imagined. Bart and the team kept the tasks moving along, bringing the right contractors in at the right time, managed to receive the permits and inspections by the village all on schedule. The kids now have a much-needed larger space to play, as well, as for the adults. Thank you Bart for making a permanent impression into our home!”
Arete Renovators Inc.
Glenview, IL General Contracting Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJanuary 28, 2015
“My husband and I have used Arete Renovators on several occasions to remodel rental property and to remodel the master bathroom in our home. They were accessible throughout the projects and provided design recommendations, as needed. There was an open line of communications and the projects were completed within the timeline we discussed. We recommend Arete Renovators, Inc. to friends and family and we will use them again in the future.”
4Ever Remodeling
Glenview, IL General Contracting Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJuly 16, 2019
“4Ever Remodeling are definitely worth the 5 Stars. I would have given them 10 Stars if Houzz allowed it. We have worked with many general contractors over the years, and 4Ever has restored my faith in renovation humanity. Throughout our extensive home rehab project, their team was attentive, honest, professional, trustworthy, friendly, communicative and reasonable. Our preliminary estimate was transparent, thorough and proved that Damian cares about his work and his clients' needs. They were never late, often staying on site past normal business hours until a segment of the project was completed, and more than a few times showed up on weekends and holidays to help us with unforeseen obstacles. Every step of the process was discussed openly, all of our requests and concerns were met directly and promptly, and every aspect of our scope of work was accomplished with excellent quality and expert tradespeople. We are thrilled with the results and we will hire 4Ever Remodeling again for all future projects.”
Peak Construction & Remodeling, Inc.
Glenview, IL General Contracting Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsDecember 28, 2015
“Knocked out a wall to combine 2 bedrooms into one big master. Took a closet and added the space to create a walk in shower in the master bath and made a 3rd bedroom 1/2 walk in closet, 1/2 dining room. HUGE project. Came out exactly as I wanted! Love the results! I was always trying to alter my lifestyle around what my house would allow. Now my house works EXACTLY the way I need it to! The space is perfect for the way I live. Great job! I have had them back and referred them to several friends and family members”
Icon Building Group
Glenview, IL General Contracting Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsOctober 14, 2019
“We truly enjoyed the experience and the time we spent with your team. Your team's combination of expertise and experience allowed for an absolute seamless 6 months of building our home. The things my wife and I were most grateful for include: C Bond- anyone that is able to put up with me for 6 straight months deserves a metal of honor. His responsiveness to me/my wife, the manner in which he motivates the subcontractors, and patience he had with me throughout the process was admirable to say the least M Moreno- truly a gentlemen throughout the entire process, extremely thorough/knowledgeable when making recommendations, and possesses a distinct skill set of moving decision making along (especially when my wife could not decide on one single paint color for the whole house... BTW that was her only job) J Augello- an absolute bulldog with the subcontractors and suppliers, while maintaining the integrity and transparency of the process from an economic perspective... so glad he was on my side through the process K Warrenfeltz- her experience with kitchen design and selections is, in my opinion, superior to the industry. Not only was she flawless on design, but kept a keen eye on budget throughout the process (which creates the receipt for success on this piece) R Wallis- superbly organized as it relates to working with the title companies, villages, and counties. Hard to skip a beat as she was all over the bank and Lake County. In my opinion, the glue that holds the most important pieces together (making the villages/counties happy and getting money from the bank) Lastly, S Burke- assertive candor, expertise of that of 100 general contractors, and proactive leadership with the team, makes for a process that is easy to enjoy and easy to recommend to anyone who will listen Needless to say, I can go on and on. I have had several great experiences with ICON over the years, but this one took the cake.”
Tranquility Builders, Inc.
Glenview, IL General Contracting Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsNovember 7, 2014
“In August 2014, we decided to do a full remodel of our 70s kitchen. We hired Tranquility Builders of Oswego, IL We presented them with our design requirements and they improved upon them. Bev Totsch and her subcontractors were always on time and were respectful of our home. Everything was replaced and remodeled -- walls, ceilings, flooring, cabinetry, and appliances. We were told the project would take about five weeks and it did. The end results were stunning! Everyone who's seen our new kitchen has been very impressed. We highly recommend Tranquility Builders.”
Roberts Architects & Construction
Glenview, IL General Contracting Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsDecember 28, 2012
“The Roberts Construction team has excellent architectural & design capabilities. Their project managers and general contractors have in-depth knowledge and expertise; resulting in outstanding projects delivered on time and on budget. They work with skilled and reliable sub-contractors in every trade. I have worked on residential renovation projects with Roberts Construction and, most noteworthy, is that Roberts Construction has maintained solid and trusted relationships with their many clients over a 30 year history.”
Carpentry with Integrity, Inc.
Glenview, IL General Contracting Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsFebruary 19, 2018
“Our Master Bath and Jack&Jill Bath remodels are signature Carpentry With Integrity successes! The fine quality work is evident throughout...and the crews/managers were professional, considerate and a major help in navigating the whole process. We were reminded how stressful it is to have your house somewhat turned upside down with all the activity. But when you like the people doing the work and thrilled with the result, it is more than worth the experience. Special shout-out to Frank DeLoncker for his wonderful help with it all...!”
Renovision Road
Glenview, IL General Contracting Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsDecember 29, 2020
“Michael Leopold and the Renovision Road team are highly professional, client-focused, as well as considerate of your time. Many contracting companies make it a whole song and dance to get even the simplest of jobs done. Michael, however, always made himself available to discuss any sort of issue, whether it be pricing or design. 10/10 work done, thank you again, Renovision Road!”
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